Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rules and Regulations- An In-Depth Look

The draw is TOMORROW at 9:30. Be there.

*I would also ask that anyone receiving e-mails from the WCP Organizing Committee please forward them to Repeated attempts to contact the Committee to get information for the public have proved useless. Thanks.

The rules and regulations are available online here: Take a look at the player transfer requirements.

"Player movement will be restricted taking into consideration the 2010 WCP Cup Rosters. Any Player who
participated in the 2010 WCP Cup (“Original Team”) may not register with a Nation team in the 2011 WCP Cup
that is different from the one participated with during the 2010 WCP Cup (“New Team”) unless:
(a) The Original Team is not participating in the 2011 WCP Cup;
(b) The Original Team has cut/released the Player and the Original Team Coach/Management signs a
declaration form to that effect and provides said form to the Player. The Player/New Team will
require this signed form to register the Player. Any Original Team refusing to sign a release form for
a Player will be required to register that Player and provide him with the chance to participate in the
2011 WCP Cup;
(c) The Player can demonstrate that he has a higher percentage of Heritage with the New Team. The
onus to demonstrate Heritage remains at all times on the Player; or
(d) The Player or New Team pays to the WCP Cup Organization/Registration Committee a Player
Transfer fee in the amount of $200.00."

Star player requirements are gone for this year. It seems as though any player, heritage or non-heritage, has to pay the $200 transfer fee. But what about the part in the rules where it says: The Player can demonstrate that he has a higher percentage of Heritage with the New Team.? Any non-heritage player could simply say they were 25% of the new country's heritage, and avoid the fee. Since they would have been 0% heritage as a star player, it's easy to transfer. There's still ways around the heritage requirements, but this is a good start for the WCP Cup. Now that teams are finally fairly evenly distributed, the $200 transfer fee will be a small way of discouraging players to switch teams. Not much, but it's something.

See you at the draw!


Clock Cleaner said...

Thanks to Playmaker for a couple corrections.

LEONIDAS said...

GREECE has a new temporary website. Go to

Clock Cleaner said...

C'mon people... please don't do this again. I just deleted all those awful comments. It sickens me that a couple of you out there have to consistently do this. Keep it up, and there will be no commenting for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for getting rid of that garbage CC. It would be nice to see this blog and tourament get attention outside the soccer community and junk like that won't help do it.

Side note: What time will the actual draw be made at? I have a game and practice tonight. Will the draw be at 9:30 sharp or is it later? Don't want to rush back and forth over there for nothing, or take my time and miss it.

Anonymous said...

definitely won't be right at 930...never has been. Maybe 1015-1030.

Anonymous said...

Regina WCP cup 2011 on twitter

Anonymous said...

damn! That's what I's usually about an hour after things get started. Game's at 10pm...thought I could sneak in and see it before my game.

Anonymous said...

thanks for taking out those comments which werent part of socer really appreciate that, hope ppl start talking about real soccer now looking forward to the draw tonite

Anonymous said...

So what was the results?

Anonymous said...

who has the weak pool? and who the pool of death

Clock Cleaner said...

I'll post the Draw results Monday, but the main thing to take away from the draw is that Group D stands for DEATH is easily the most difficult pool in WCP Cup history. Canada, Jamaica(with some very good new players), Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Scotland. Ouch.

And congratulations to the people who make ridiculous comments on here, the commenting system is changed once again.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to see things changed for next year where the teams are seeded rather than the draw system. Pool D is going to see a couple of good teams knocked out of the tournament, whereas you'll see some '2's move on. Would be nice to see even pools to make sure that it is the best teams moving on in the tournament.


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