Friday, March 18, 2011

Bracket Submissions

Get them in ASAP! Check the Bracket post out here.


Chris said...

LOTS of exhibition games this weekend and next. I'm sure there are more but these are the ones I've heard of...

Scotland vs. Botswana - Sat Mar 19, 10am
Afghanistan vs. Sudan - Sat Mar 19, 12pm
Jamaica vs. Nigeria - Sun Mar 20, 2pm
N. Ireland vs. Canada - Sun Mar 20, 3pm
Poland vs Columbia - Sun Mar 20, 8pm
...Poland vs Laos Thurs Mar 24, 10pm
England vs Scotland - Sat Mar 26, 8am
Afghanistan vs Ukraine - Sat Mar 26, 9pm
England vs Botswana - Sat Mar 26, 10pm
N. Ireland vs Jamaica - Sun Mar 27, 3pm
Norway vs. Scotland - Tues Mar 29, 10 pm
Afghanistan vs Columbia - Weds Mar 30, 9pm

Anonymous said...

mar 20 norway vs austria 10pm

Anonymous said...

Team Nigeria is looking for an opponent to play this upcoming weekend.

Anyone interested?

Anonymous said...

Isnt the point of this blog, to have things to discuss and talk about?.. I havent seen anything on here in a while worthwhile reading.. all stupid brackets and opening shit. Lets get some debates going about players and or teams.. What this blog used to be about!

Anonymous said...

New OFFICIAL WCP Cup Blog is up with indepth previews includings teams odds of winning, players to look out for and more. Fire up the player debates there!