Friday, March 11, 2011

Great Moments in WCP Cup History

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As we get closer to the WCP Cup, we know we're going to see some great games take place. So let's take some time to recall some great times in the WCP Cup history.

2005- The first WCP Cup held in the old soccer facility. Who could forget the leaking roof and run-down facility? However, fans flooded into the place, and it was as loud as could be for the final games. While it only featured something like 6 teams, it set the stage for a great tournament.

2006- The first year in the new facility. Teams entering the tournament shot up, and we were treated to a whole different type of game. The top teams were Ireland, Germany, El Salvador, Jamaica, and Canada. Germany, El Salvador and Jamaica were much the same as 2006. Ireland and Canada were relative newcomers as teams. As the tournament wore on, it became clear that no one respected Canada as a team. They were old and slow, with no skills. Teams took them way too lightly, and ended up paying for it. The Semi-Finals featured Ireland vs. El Salvador, and Jamaica vs. Canada. Ireland and El Salvador had proved to be the top two teams, and they won in a shoot-out. Canada beat Jamaica in an upset to advance to the final, but Ireland beat Canada fairly easily. A great start in the new facility.

2007- The time when the tournament format changed to be much like the one we know today. 20 teams, 4 groups. And lots of exciting soccer. The big story to kick off the tournament was Group D, where El Salvador, England, Laos, Greece and Germany were put together. ALL these teams were strong. We were treated to some epic games by every single of these teams, and when the dust settled, it was Greece and Laos left standing. Ireland had an easy group(no surprise), and so did Jamaica. The other interesting group, Pool B, featured Canada, Ukraine and Norway. These three teams battled hard, and it came down to them having to score as many goals as possible in their last games. Norway ended up edging out Ukraine by scoring over 8 goals. And then we all know what happened after that. Norway went on to win a very exciting final. Great goals, great plays, and an epic overtime header to win 4-3 in an upset. Still the best game in tournament history, in my mind.

We'll stop there for now, and continue with 2008, 2009 and 2010 later. For now, try and remember some of the games from those years and talk about them in the comments. What were some epic games you remember?

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Anonymous said...

ROI Laos game from 2008 was great with the ROI red card. then they held off laos to win. probably took norway too lightly in the final.

Anonymous said...

exhibition games update:

Italy 1-1 Columbia

Afghanistan 5-1 Serbia

Nigeria 2-0 Norway

Poland 5-1 Austria

Anonymous said...

Serbia 2 North Ireland 3 also

Anonymous said...

is serbia that bad? i thought they were descent team

Chris said...

A couple other exhibition game scores I've come across this weekend that weren't mentioned above:

N. Ireland 2-2 Afghan
N. Ireland 3-2 Serbia
Scotland 4-3 N. Ireland

Here are some upcoming games as well:

Scotland vs. Botswana Sat Mar 19 10am
Afghan vs. Sudan Sat Mar 19 12pm
England vs ???? Sat Mar 26 8am
Afghan vs. Ukriaine Sat Mar 26 9pm
Norway vs. Scotland - Tues Mar 29, 10 p.m
Afghan vs. Columbia - Weds Mar 30 9pm

Anonymous said...

Portugal 8-1 Botswana

Anonymous said...

I'm most surprised by the Portugal result and the Nigeria result...maybe these teams are better than we give them credit for

Anonymous said...

Jamaica v Nigeria

Sun Mar 20th @ 2 PM

Anonymous said...

N. Ireland vs Ukraine Sat Mar 20th @ 3pm
N.Ireland vs Jamaica Sat March 27th @ 3pm

Al Ligator said...

Hey everyone! I'm back. Good to see we're in full swing over here.

Watched the RSA final between Juventus and Cosmos...if WCP games are anything like that, this tournament will be outstanding.

I think teams are a lot more even this year, as younger players get more experienced and play on different teams than the traditional powerhouses. The younger players get better and stronger every year, and technically, there should be a new batch of good players every year. I haven't seen it. But maybe this year is the year they all breakout?

Anonymous said...

thanks for putting up exhibition games Chris thats awesome, i think the tournament is taking a step up coz ppl really enjoy playong in it and they do whatever it takes to improve every yr which is great, good luck to every team

Anonymous said...

shut up al ligator

Anonymous said...

I realise this isnt really related, but does anyone have more information on the alchohol situation, can you only drink in the bar, are their beer carts, etc?

Anonymous said...

i want to know , who is funding the afghans with all this practice/exhibition game time. They probaly spent between 1000 -1500 dollars easy.

Anonymous said...

No Booze is the word..

Anonymous said...

Don't know for sure, but I've heard that there may not be any booze within the veiwing area this year. They really cracked down during the season on booze even going upstairs during other tournaments, so unless something changes, it might be a rather dry event. :-(

Julio said...

Is it just me or does this years tournament seem to be losing alot of the "fun" aspect and has more "politics" involved? (Insurance Fee spikes, alki situation, blog issues... etc.)

Anonymous said...

I think more of it has to do with outside influences and little to do with the tournament itself. Liquor laws and permits dictate where booze can and can't be at the Eventplex (Evraz Place is dropping the ball on this BIG TIME as they are clueless about how to set this up and are turning away piles of cash), I suspect the insurance thing has more to do with RSA/SSA than WCP. These things happen to anything that starts to get big...the bigger something is the more serious it gets. I haven't seen much of a 'fun aspect' get taken out...they've just tightened up on some legalities of it.

Anonymous said...

I used to be a Jamaica hater, then a ROI hater, now I am committed to being a Norway hater for at least the next 2 years. I hope they get crushed, destroyed, humiliated.